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Fluent Knowledge is currently hiring for its two up-and-coming podcasts.

Audio Consulting Engineer/Producer
Seeking a 3-5 year experienced radio show and/or podcast audio engineer with some producer level experience to work on two podcasts.  Location can be Boston, MA or Portsmouth, NH. May start as full time consulting gig for 3-6 months or full time salaried position as preferred.  Helps to have interest in the realms of health/wellness/exercise and civilized political discourse.  
Interested parties please send resume to

Media Production Intern
Seeking two 10-15 hour per week fall semester graduate level or senior year interns with media technology background and professional interest. Fluent Knowledge is currently developing two podcasts toward a late 2019 launch. As a start-up, the intern will have  hands-on responsibility and learning opportunities across a range of important areas: 
technology (assistance provided in recording, editing, archiving of audio; some possibilities on promotional video as well); production management (assistance on interview scheduling, logistics, recording, editing, mixing and final production).  Some weekend availability is essential in August, September and October. Hourly based compensation during academic year with possibility of full-time work upon graduation. 
 Applicants should have: 
*extensive coursework in media studies 
*previous introduction to audio recording and editing technology through coursework and/or internships
* strong interest in & enthusiasm for high quality, thought inducing radio shows & podcasts
* ability to be located in either the Boston, MA or Portsmouth, NH 
 * availability for 10-15 hours per week through academic calendar with some weekend availability for interviews at special events 

E-mail resume to 

Political Podcast Researcher/Reporter
Seeking part-time graduate student or recent graduate with political  journalism experience for research & reporting on 2020 New England political campaigns from an objective non-partisan, centrist, and indepedent perspective. Must have good writing, research, speaking and interviewing skills and availablity to travel at least 2 days per week, sometimes on weekends. This reporter will attend campaign events primarily in NH & Maine reporting and interviewing candidates, campaign workers, other journalists and academics as well.

E-mail resume to

My Body Odyssey Researcher/Reporter
Seeking part-time graduate student (PT, OT, Physiology, Kinesiology, Biomechanics, etc)  as researcher and reporter for podcast on the rewards and challenges of active lifestyle. Helps to be a regular podcast consumer and  have a personal and professional interest in sports or wellness activities and good knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. Must have excellent research, writing, speaking and interviewing skills and rapport. Possibility to upgrade to a full time position.

E-mail CV to

Documentary film collaborator(s)
Looking for experienced Maine or NH based documentary film maker or camera professionals with an interest in the 2020 NH and Maine campaigns as possible documentary subject. Must have previous professional quality documentary or short film experience on relevant subject matter. Helps also to be politically independent.