Passing the Mic

New Co-Host Jillian Youngblood Gets A Bit Of Purple Orientation

purple principle episode artwork with headshot of new co-host jillian youngblood

This bonus episode features the passing of the ceremonial mic from Emily Crocetti to our new co-host, Jillian Youngblood, Executive Director of Civic Genius. After a full year and 35 episodes, Emily is moving onto a newspaper position in a breathtakingly beautiful area of California which is, unfortunately, clouded in fire smoke at this moment.  

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While a co-host a few months ago, Emily interviewed Jillian in the early Season Two episode, “When Martians Land, Pigs Fly, and Americans Reach Consensus,” noting her respect for the work done at Civic Genius. Jillian is a former Capitol Hill staffer who also worked in the Bloomberg administration. She currently directs the nonpartisan efforts at Civic Genius, an organization that works toward reducing political polarization and rebuilding American civic culture: a perfect fit with many themes and topics explored on The Purple Principle. 

Tune in to hear a bittersweet sign-off by Emily Crocetti, who will revisit the show periodically. But please get to know our new Purple Principle co-host, Jillian Youngblood. She brings a decade of frontline political experience to the show along with wit, wisdom, and the passion for a more perfect union.