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Fluent Knowledge only improves through input and feedback. Please let us know how you found out about us, what content or presentation worked and didn’t work for you, and what you’d like to see (or hear) more or less of.

Was an article or podcast too long, too short, or lacking important elements? Did we make a factual error or miss an important reference?

And if you have deep knowledge in one of our subject areas, please pitch us an article or episode Idea.

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We produce insightful podcasts on complex topics ranging from the deep roots of political polarization to the most important concepts in psychology, neuroscience and media analysis, to the latest but also greatest insights into health and wellness. We enjoy that challenge, hoping you will benefit from the result. No simplistic sound bytes, no commercial hype. Just some of the brightest, most interesting voices out there speaking knowledge fluently on our vital issues, questions and concerns.