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My Body Odyssey

A growing body of scientific studies, not to mention plain old commonsense, recommend we stay active to maintain healthy over longer lifespans. Yet the repetitive actions of many sports, activities and just daily life wear us down over time producing pain, injury and limitation. While those of us with even the most common injuries and ailments receive conflicting advice from all quarters:  Stretch or strengthen? Heat or ice? Rest up or fight through pain?

What’s a body to do to stay fit, healthy and active over a century of more? This podcast addresses these and related questions from the perspective of active individuals as well as expert science, medicine, wellness and exercise professionals.  Find out more at www.mybodyodyssey.com 

The Purple Principle

In this highly partisan age, we profile that most endangered species of U.S. citizen and elected official—the Pragmatic Centrist who sees both sides of an issue and seeks common ground.  Yeats wrote of polarizing Ireland a century ago that the center must hold. We explore the efforts of those still practicing the enlightened virtues of moderation, humility, objectivity, reason and compromise to hold America together by the middle. 

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