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My Body Odyssey chronicles the rewards and challenges of individuals pursuing active lifestyles despite chronic illness, recurrent injury, behavioral issues, and more.

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Completing the 200-mile Pan Mass Challenge (PMC) bike ride every year for two decades would be an accomplishment for anyone; but it’s particularly remarkable in the case of Cycling Sue, who has ridden 10 of those 20 years with metastatic breast cancer. We learn her story as we follow her along her PMC ride, all while hearing from her team of healthcare providers.

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We all know we should be more active. But life does have a way of getting in the way. My Body Odyssey chronicles the rewards and challenges of individuals pursuing active lifestyles despite chronic illness, recurrent injury, behavioral issues and more. Their stories are complemented by insights from researchers, medical doctors, physical therapists, psychologists, and other wellness experts.

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In our season one episode, Generational Gene described how he turned to cycling to help manage his blood sugar and hold off diabetes- now, he’s learned that staying lean can also be a preventative measure against cancer.

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Our Bodies Need To Be Active. We All Know This.

A growing body of scientific studies, media articles and plain old commonsense all confirm that staying active is essential to maintaining good health over longer lifespans. 

Yet many millions of us struggle with chronic conditions that make  active lifestyle a delicate, sometimes risky balancing act.  How much activity is too much? How do I work towards a higher level of wellness in the long run without arousing symptoms on my next run? 

Likewise, the repetitive actions of many sports and activities wear us down over time producing pain, injury and limitation. While the demands of work, family and social life make the commitment to an active lifestyle much easier to suggest than accomplish.

My Body Odyssey addresses these and related issues from the perspective of active individuals facing a wide variety of challenges–physical, behavioral, and otherwise. Their stories are complemented by insights from scientists, medical doctors, nurses, exercise and physical therapists, psychologists, pilates and yoga instructors and other wellness professionals. 

Privacy Policy

At My Body Odyssey (MBO), we collaborate with episode guests facing various challenges and medical experts to present engaging and informative health narratives. In doing so, we strive to respect both guest privacy and expert integrity concerns. 

Episode guests:  Each episode guest (or “protagonist”) signs a creative waiver, allowing us to share their information in MBO podcast episodes and marketing. Guests also have the option of allowing or not allowing use of video images as they prefer. 

Expert Guests: We understand MDs, PTs, Psychologists, and other experts do not wish to diagnose or prescribe to individuals who are not their own patients and have not been fully examined or consulted. Therefore our interviews do not seek specific individual advice. Instead,  we are seeking general insights and information from expert guests on the various challenges faced by protagonists– chronic conditions, recurrent injury, behavioral challenges, etc. These statements are also included in our expert guest waiver.

We hope MBO will engage, inform and assist our listeners with whatever challenges they may face. Thanks to all guests for participating in this project. Feedback is always welcome at MBO.

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What’s a body to do to stay active and healthy over a century or more?

There are no easy, one-size-fits-all answers. But My Body Odyssey brings new stories to the subject – some inspiring, some daunting, but all carefully researched and narrated. We also showcase some of the most perceptive individuals and insights in the wellness field.

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