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The Purple Principle is an award-winning, non-partisan podcast for independent-minded Americans exploring the perils of polarization in U.S. politics, society, and daily life.

Awards for The Purple Principle

Signal Awards 2022 Silver Winner award for The Purple Principle

2022 Silver Signal Awards Winner in Best Original Score & Most Inspirational Podcast

Signal Award 2022 Bronze Winner logo

2022 Bronze Signal Awards Winner for Best Limited Series & Specials (News & Politics)

17th Annual Davey Awards gold winner award for The Purple Principle

2021 Gold Davey Awards Winner in the category of Podcasts.

W3 Awards 2021 Silver winner award logo

2021 Silver W3 Awards Winner in Outstanding Podcasts (General Series-Interview/Talk Show).

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Independent-minded Americans exploring the perils of polarization in U.S. politics

These not so United States are at their most polarized point in over 100 hundred years and possibly since the Civil War. How did we get so partisan? How could we get less partisan? And can independent-minded Americans help bridge the divide?

These are the questions underlying our exploration of deepening political and social polarization. To do so, we take a 360-degree tour, consulting experts in fields as diverse as neuroscience, media studies, and the social sciences, as well as politicians, mediators, comedians, screenwriters, and people from all walks of life dealing with partisanship in the media, at work and at home, and seemingly everywhere in between.

Are you a member of the exhausted majority concerned about the polarization of any and all issues in the U.S. and globally today? Do you worry about the gradual weakening of democratic norms and civil society? Are you a purple mediator in your own red vs. blue family, workplace, or social group?

If so, please tune into the Purple Principle, share us on social media, and tell your own purple tale through our contact form.

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Will Hurd on the 2022 election results, congressional factions, and how bipartisan legislation gets passed

Have a Purple Tale to Tell?

Know of a political compromise achieved in your town, city, or state? Are you a purple peacemaker in a red and blue family? Do you know of an individual or group working to bridge the partisan divide in the US today?