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It’s often said the human body should come with an owner’s manual and now we are living even longer without these manuals, facing more challenges along the way. Challenges like chronic illness, recurrent injuries, obesity, new infections and medical misinformation on and around all the above.

Fluent Wellness, like our podcast My Body Odyssey, presents the sharpest science-based insights for a general interest audience on a wide range of wellness topics– exercise and diet, mindfulness and stress management, lifestyle choices that impact our quantity and quality of life. But all presented without the commercial hype around so much health and wellness content.




My Expert Odyssey Part 2

My Expert Odyssey Part 2: Scoliosis, Pre-Diabetes, Postpartum, & Cancer In this second of two holiday bonus episodes, we again get a bit more personal with season one expert guests whose own experiences have inspired and informed their professional pursuits – “My Expert Odyssey” times four.  First off, Dr. Mark Stoutenberg of Temple University’s Department…
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My Expert Odyssey Part 1

My Expert Odyssey Part 1: Depression, Diabetes & Trauma (Bonus Episode) What leads someone on a path to becoming a noted researcher on the benefits of exercise for depression or diabetes? Or a coach in the relatively new sport of para rowing?  Not surprisingly, personal experience can play a huge role in lighting those pathways….
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image is of two stick figures riding bikes and wearing helmets. the one in front is an adult, the one behind a child. the text reads generational gene, episode 8

Generational Gene

Generational Gene: Cycling for Diabetes Prevention Our protagonist in this episode, Generational Gene, may at first seem like a special case. A middle-aged school superintendent with a father and grandfather who’ve contracted Type 2 diabetes later in life, Gene seems at higher-than-average risk to develop the condition, as well.  But in fact Gene is very…
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image is of a cyclist riding a bike, pulling an iv drop behind him. the text reads cyclist for life howie, episode 7

Cyclist for Life Howie

Cyclist for Life Howie: Riding the Ups & Downs of Cancer Howie, a recently retired software engineer, has been an avid cyclist most of his adult life, with a total mileage equivalent to a few laps around the planet. But more remarkable is the fact that Howie has done a good bit of that cycling…
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image is of two stick figures in yellow riding a tandem bike uphill. the person in front is reaching back to hold the other's hand. the text reads josie and joe in tandem, episode 6

Josie & Joe in Tandem

Josie & Joe in Tandem vs. Multiple sclerosis Six months ago, Josie was bedridden with a flare-up of the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) she has been battling for a decade alongside her husband Joe and with some help from their much loved custom tandem bike. Over that same decade Josie and Joe have logged over 10,000…
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my body odyssey podcast episode artwork with figure in a tank top and leggings doing yoga on a tight rope.

Yogi Jess on a Tightrope

Yogi Jess on a Tightrope: From Mobility to Stability Jess is a successful and respected yoga teacher – young, fit, doing all the right things to stay healthy. She’s also highly knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology, with two graduate degrees in the field. But a series of mysterious episodes involving circulation to one arm led…
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image is of a stick figure in yellow carrying one baby on her back and pushing another in a stroller uphill. the text reads mom on the run erin, episode 4

Mom-on-the-Run Erin

Mom-on-the-Run Erin: The Challenges of Postpartum Depression Pregnancy is no joke, Erin tells us in this body odyssey, both deeply personal and all-too-common. According to the CDC, one in eight new mothers experience postpartum depression, which in Erin’s case, as with others, came after a difficult pregnancy.  “I was on bedrest for a while and…
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image is of stick figures in shades of green swimming, running, cycling, and doing yoga. text reads iron woman diane, episode 2

Iron Woman Diane

Iron Woman Diane The Rewards & Challenges of Exercise With Diabetes Iron Woman Diane, a recently retired power industry executive with Type 1 diabetes, has completed three full Ironman triathlons, numerous marathons and many lengthy cycling events, such as the New England Tour De Cure where My Body Odyssey first met her.  One day, though,…
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purple principle episode artwork with headshot of podcast guest Dr. Jeanine Guidry

What combats Vax Skepticism?

What combats Vax Skepticism? An Interview with Dr. Jeanine Guidry, Director of VCU’s Health & Media Lab Battling the COVID pandemic has been a war on many fronts – disease management, the race to develop safe, effective vaccines, and now the equally trickly public relations battle against vaccine misinformation and committed skeptics of all kinds….
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