Who We Are

Fluent Knowledge is a small team of journalists, researchers, and media producers dedicated to bringing you insightful commentary on an array of topics such as politics, media, psychology, and wellness.

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Is a little knowledge a dangerous thing?

At Fluent Knowledge, we don’t think so, and strive to introduce you, our audience, to experts who fluently convey knowledge on important issues, topics, and trends in wellness, neuropsychology, media, and politics. To that end, our team creates and curates content across multiple media platforms, including podcasts, editorial, and visual media.

Our Podcasts

We produce insightful podcasts on complex topics ranging from the deep roots of political polarization to the most important concepts in psychology, neuroscience and media analysis, to the latest but also greatest insights into health and wellness. We enjoy that challenge, hoping you will benefit from the result. No simplistic sound bytes, no commercial hype. Just some of the brightest, most interesting voices out there speaking knowledge fluently on our vital issues, questions and concerns.

Our Team

Robert Pease

Creative Director & Executive Producer

Prior to creating Fluent Knowledge, Robert worked as a journalist, executive recruiter, and non-profit administrator, living in Japan, Singapore, and China for many years. He was educated at Princeton and Brandeis University in politics and economics, and was a Fulbright Scholar at the National University of Singapore. A lifelong political independent, Robert created The Purple Principle podcast to analyze the political polarization, legislative gridlock, and partisan media eroding our democratic political institutions and social fabric. Also a lifelong athlete combatting cardiac issues, he created the My Body Odyssey podcast to explore the rewards and challenges of active lifestyle.

Brittany Thomas

Co-host/ Producer

Brittany makes media with young people as Director of Creative Media + Technology at ZUMIX in East Boston. In 2015, she led community station ZUMIX Radio to its launch on the airwaves at 94.9FM. She raced starboard on the Middlebury College rowing team for three years, where she learned to love the sport’s precision, balance, and Lake Dunmore scenery. Her favorite sporting event in the world (so far) is the Boston Marathon, for all the cookies she received along the way and a great high five at mile 23.

Peter Lang-Stanton

Producer & Audio Engineer

Pete is a reporter, audio producer, and writer. His work has been heard on NPR, BBC, APM, Radiolab, This American Life, and more. Previously he was a managing producer at VICE Audio, where he developed, produced, and edited narrative nonfiction podcasts. Pete taught audio journalism at the Salt Documentary Studies Program at the Maine College of Art. He lives in Portland, Maine where he tries to swim in the ocean as often as humanly possible.

Deborah Blicher


 Formerly a speech scientist, writing professor, and software quality engineer, Debbie is a geek-of-all-trades with a mean set of ears. She lives outside Boston, where she swims, kayaks, and lifts kettlebells. You can hear her other work on “Ray Brown’s Talkin’ Birds” and “The Lonely Palette.”

Meg Muckenhoupt

Senior Editor & Content Manager

Meg’s writing has appeared in the New York Times, USA Today, and the Boston Globe, and she has published books on psychology, history, food, and land use. When she isn’t thinking about how to distill complex topics into understandable prose, she photographs wildlife and serves as a Town Meeting member in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Emily Crocetti

Associate Producer, Editor & Videographer

Emily has researched, reported and produced across the full spectrum of media– print, audio and video. She was previously a writer for The Sheet News in Mammoth Lakes, CA. A graduate of Dartmouth College, Emily majored in Neuroscience and Philosophy and was a media producer for Dartmouth’s Media Production Group. She is passionate about the inner workings of the human mind and how it functions in socio-political landscapes. And she is professionally committed to producing meaningful media content that challenges people to consider different perspectives in the hope of inspiring change.

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